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New York  /  Philly  /  LA
225.281.9364  /

I am a producer and director. I "came up" doing scrappy music videos and documentaries. "Maybe This Year" is on Hulu. "The Sentence of Michael Thompson", playing on MSNBC & Documentary+, was selected by Vimeo as best of the year 2022.

 You should hire me (and Grease) because I am relaxed under pressure, I'm good at managing large groups, difficult personalities, and 11th-hour problem-solving. "No Cap".

Listed below are some of the things I'm good at:

- Bidding & Estimating (all production sizes)

- Scheduling

- Story Development & Structure

- Creative Problem Solving

- Stunt Driving

- Uncomfortable introductions to strangers

- Making friends at bodegas

- Fixer Services (Philly & Brooklyn)

I have a dog named Linda.

I live in crown heights. 

I use showbiz budgeting software. 

Love, Ian

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